Donations pay for new heater at Bonner Animal Rescue

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. - The animals inside a Johnson County shelter are no longer in the cold.

Crews came out this week to fix the heater at Bonner Animal Rescue in Bonner Springs, Kan.

The shelter was able to pay for it using donations coming in from all across the country.

Last week, the shelter's heater stopped working. According to senior volunteer Barbara Billie, the bid they received was $2,500 to get it replaced.

In the meantime, the shelter has been using four space heaters to keep the animals warm -- but the building only got up to about 40 degrees inside.

The rescue shelter has only been operating for a little more than year and relies on donated materials, fundraisers and adoption fees to get by month to month.

Last year, the shelter adopted out more than 200 pets, but organizers say it is still not big enough to qualify for any grants.

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