Church offers rides to women in labor during snowstorm

JOHNSON COUNY, Kan. - The snow will bring many things to a halt on Tuesday, but one local church is making sure it won't keep women who are pregnant away from the hospital.

Pastor Timmy Gibson from Mercy Church said he got the idea on Sunday after talking to a couple members of his congregation who are nine months pregnant. It got him thinking about what happens if the expectant mothers go into labor when the snow starts falling.

To help them out, Mercy Church has a four-wheel-drive truck all gassed up and ready to go as they offer the service to any expecting mother in Johnson County who doesn't have a way to the hospital.

This is the first time the church is offering the service.

"I can't imagine there are that many people who don't have a ride to the hospital, but if someone doesn't, we'll put the truck to use," Gibson said.

If you are in need of the service or want more info, you can call 913-390-1200 or email You can also find them on Facebook here:

Pastor Timmy said he has delivered his own children at home, so he knows a little bit about child delivery.

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