Emerald ash borer confirmed in Johnson County, Kan.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Mo. - The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of emerald ash borer (EAB) in Johnson County, Kan., on Monday.

According to a news release, an adult EAB specimen was removed from a survey trap near the Johnson County landfill on July 5.

The ash tree pest is native to Asia, but was first discovered in North America near Detroit Mich., in mid-2002. Since then, the pest has killed millions of trees across the nation.

"We are immediately implementing an emergency intrastate quarantine for Johnson County in order to stop further spread of EAB in Kansas," Jeff Vogel, KDA Plant Protection and Weed Control Program Manager, said.

Back in March, the USDA and Kansas Department of Agriculture began setting more than 440 traps in place across Kansas.

After the EAB confirmation, Kansas enacted an emergency intrastate quarantine for Johnson County in an attempt to stop the spread. This quarantine prohibits the movement of such items as firewood of all hardwood and specific nursery stock.

All ash trees are susceptible to infestation, which occurs when the adult beetles lay eggs on the tree's bark.

Adult EABs are about one-half inch long and emerge in late spring.

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