Neighbor taking her dog out alerts family to Lenexa house fire

LENEXA, Kansas - A Lenexa family can thank their neighbor's dog after escaping their burning home.

The Bowen family says their dog needed to be let out at 4 a.m. for some reason, much earlier than usual. When Sharon Bowden looked out in her back yard, she saw a small fire in the back of her neighbor's home, at 8015 Constance Street.

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"She said it looked like the hot tub was in fire," said her husband, David Bowen. She ran to her neighbor's front door and pounded on it until she got them up and out of the house.

Within minutes, wind fanned the flames that took over the home, just southeast of 79th and Lackman.

Fire crews battles that wind for almost two hours before getting the fire under control.

Neighbor Peter Black woke up to sirens, flashing lights, and an eerie orange glow from the blinds in his bedroom window.

"I thought I was dreaming," he said. "Then we rushed out of the house and 911 was already here."

The Black home was among several surrounding homes that could have easily caught fire in the fierce morning winds. Fortunately, the fire didn't spread to other homes and the family did get out unhurt. However, all that remains of the back of their hone is a charred frame.

Fire crews are still investigating how this fire started.

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