Four German Shepherds shot in Johnson County

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas - It has been a tough road to recovery for a German Shepherd dog named Hugo.

He has been in the hospital for about a month after being shot.

"Unfortunately for Hugo, his entire hip was shattered," said dog owner,  Julie Bernet. "They had to go in and put a plate in his hip along with 13 screws."

Bernet is a dog breeder and she specializes in training "working dogs."

Many of her German Shepherds are hired for search and rescue missions and other service positions. Hugo was one of four of her dogs shot recently.

Her award-winning border patrol dog Goode was also shot and died of his injuries.

"A dog is still a living being. To many people it is considered like their children," Bernet said.. "I do not know that I will ever be the same after this experience. Luckily, I still have Hugo and Ian but I will never be able to replace Goode."

Authorities are investigating but said this may be a case of "he said – she said."

Bernet said her neighbor shot the dogs but the sheriff's office said they got a report the dogs were threatening the neighbor's livestock.

"If they go outside of that property and they are posing a threat to people or livestock or other animals, then that property owner has the right to defend themselves against the dog," said Deputy Erickson with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

Bernet said since she went public with her story she has receive hundreds of letters from people outraged at the situation.

"With any story there is one side, a second side and the truth in the middle and that is part out what we are doing and looking into as we investigate this," said Erickson.

Hugo's medical bills are in the thousands but he will survive.

Officials said this is a tough case.

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