Johnson County park cleans out lost and found

SHAWNEE, Kan. - It was a smorgasbord of valuables, the not-so-valuable and downright bizarre items that came from the lost and found at Shawnee Mission Park. Johnson County Park Police displayed the items  in an attempt to encourage the people who may have lost them to come by the park and claim them.

Richard Niemann of the Johnson County Park Police said park officials are anxious to empty the lost and found closet before it fills up again in the warm weather. 

"We're ready to start a fresh year," he said.

The lost and found is located at the Visitors' Center at the park's main entrance.  Niemann said most items are held for 60 days.  If park police deem something to be of high value, they wait 90 days for the owner to come forward.  Niemann cited bicycles, cell phones, and jewelry as examples of high value items.

The current batch of lost possessions includes everything from car keys to clothes to Frisbees.  It also includes a diary filled with notes from a self-described "time traveler," with entries from the 13th Century to thousands of years in the future.

Niemann said unclaimed items from the lost and found will either be donated, recycled or disposed of in the trash.

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