Johnson County sheriff seeks public assistance in suspicious death

De Soto, Ks - The Johnson County sheriff asked Thursday for the public assistance investigating in a death in De Soto.

Deputies said that at around eight in the morning on Wednesday, they found the body of a man in his late 20s behind the car port of an apartment complex off located off of Lexington Avenue and Ottawa street.

Deputies spent all day Wednesday collecting evidence including two vehicles. On Thursday at a press conference, they announced that they are seeking the public help.

"You know we're looking for any information—a lot of times people don't think that things are very suspicious but they may feel out of normal, and a lot of that information is very helpful for us if we can get that," Tom Erickson, Master Deputy with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office said.

Residents who live in the apartment complex next to the car port were taken aback by the situation.

"It's really scary to know that when my kids and I left that there was a body only a few feet away from my van," Holly Dungans, a resident said.

If you have any information, call the Johnson County Sheriff's Office at 913-715-5560.

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