Leawood couple to file lawsuit after controversial drug raid

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The Leawood couple at the center of a controversial drug raid will file a lawsuit Tuesday after a Johnson County Sheriff's Office drug raid turned the family's home upside down.

"Every cabinet, every closet, every cupboard, every box in the attic or basement, both cars, the yard," Bob Harte said.

Deputies raided the home in April 2012.

"Trying to tell them they've got the wrong house. Trying to figure out what was going on because we're not drug users. We never have been," Addie Harte said.

The exhaustive search turned up nothing.

The Harte's believed they were targeted for their basement hydroponic garden where they grew tomatoes and squash-- not drugs at all.

The former CIA employees sued once already for records of the raid. Those records showed weeks-long surveillance of the couple's home. Deputies even dug through their trash.

"The fact that they were like here at five in the morning when we were asleep is really creepy and then to know that they're using some ridiculous test!" Addie said.

That test turned up a false-positive for marijuana, triggering the search warrant that led to the raid.


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