Leon Sandcastle Super Bowl commercial is first big break for Overland Park native Corey Rittmaster

CHICAGO - One of the Super Bowl's most popular commercials has at least two distinct Kansas City connections.

Deion Sanders' comical attempt to revitalize his career as Leon Sandcastle ended with the Chiefs picking him No. 1 overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, and an Overland Park native had a speaking role in the popular ad.

Corey Rittmaster was shocked to find out his three second line ended up in the final version of the NFL Network commercial, which debuted during the third quarter of the Ravens' 34-31 victory over the 49ers.

You can watch the commercial by scrolling down to the video player or by visiting http://youtu.be/_iw3hxTuK-c. Rittmaster's speaking line begins at about 35 seconds into the commercial.

"I did not know that I was actually going to have a line and be in the commercial until it actually aired because they shoot a whole lot of stuff," Rittmaster said. 

Rittmaster shot the commercial in Indianapolis in January.  He said he knew it was a commercial for the NFL, but he didn't realize it was going to air in the Super Bowl.

"For me it was super overwhelming. I mean, I was just barely in it. I was in it for a couple of seconds but it was really sweet to hear from some folks I hadn't heard from because they saw the commercial because the Super Bowl is such a big deal."

Rittmaster said he heard from a lot of friends back home. The Overland Park native went to Shawnee Mission South and moved to Chicago 10 years ago to perform with Second City.

He said only recently was he able to quit his daytime job to pursue acting fulltime.

"The audition process is such a negative thing because you go out for way more jobs than you ever book, but it's just a matter of staying with it and being persistent."


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