Paramedics tackle snowy roads on the job

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - For some people, driving on a day like Tuesday is a matter of life or death. For Chris Holbrook, a paramedic with Johnson County Med Act, it's part of his job saving lives.

"I started the day with a call from Olathe taking a patient to Children's Mercy Hospital," he said. "Road conditions were pretty slick and slushy and they were not great."

The Johnson County paramedic will likely log at least 100 miles. He explained that he generally will not use flashing lights because they might distract drivers who are already nervous and on edge with snow-packed roads. 

"I just drive around the few cars that are on the road and we make it just fine," Holbrook said. "If the snow gets deep enough we can push one button and chains under the car will wrap around the tires so we can have the traction we need to get to an emergency quickly."

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