KCK house fire kills dog, causes $30K worth of damage

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - On Saturday, Melvin Robinson sifted through what was left inside his family's home of five years.

"It's just destroyed. Everything is destroyed. There's nothing really left here," Robinson said. "It wasn't much of a house, but it was ours."

Now Robinson's family is forced to find a new place to live after a fire burned nearly everything they owned.

Around 10:15 p.m. Friday fire crews were called to Robinson's home in the 2900 block of Roosevelt Street.

Robinson, who was not home when the fire started, was greeted by smoke coming from his house when he arrived.

"Immediately, I ran to the back and kicked in the back door," Robinson said.

Robinson was trying to get to his youngest son, who he thought was in his room in the basement, where the fire chief said the fire started.

Instead, his son was asleep in his dad's bed.

"He said he was watching TV and dozed off, but heard Princess barking, and he got up, and the house was full of smoke," Robinson said.

Robinson's son rushed out the door, but Princess, the family dog, did not follow.

"She came back in (the bedroom), and I guess this is where the smoke got to her at," Robinson said.

As he looked back on what the family will have left, Robinson said he was trying to stay positive.  He said even though Princess did not make it out, everyone else did, including his son.

"I can't even bear to even think about it -- not having him," Robinson said.

For that, he said, he will never forget the great dog that Princess was.

Authorities estimate the fire caused $30,000 worth of damage.

The cause is still under investigation.

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