Nebraska Furniture Mart allows guns for conceal carry permit holders

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Nebraska Furniture Mart will start allowing guns in the store on Monday – not on store shelves, but on customers and security officers.

The store has removed all "no guns allowed" signs from the storefront. Those with conceal and carry permits will be allowed to bring their guns into the stores.

Store officials believe people were carrying their guns inside anyway. The change allows them to better track guns in the stores.

"Most concealed carry permit holders are trained very well, they know what they're supposed to do and not do,they're going to act appropriately," said Jim Cahill, manager of Nebraska Furniture Mart loss prevention.

Security guards will also carry guns, so they will be trained to keep the store's no violence policy. Store officials said while there have been no injuries, people have pulled knives or guns out at their stores before.

"This is an example of deadly force we face. We need to find ways to keep our customers safe," Cahill said.

Before the change, security guards only carried mace, but by June, they're expecting three security officers in Kansas City to be armed with Glocks.

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