New 'MOM' clinic opens with a mission -- to lower the infant mortality rate in Wyandotte County

Wyandotte County is leading the country in an alarming way.

The Kansas county has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the U.S. Approximately 30 babies a year won't see their first birthday in Wyandotte County because their mother didn't have access to health care during her pregnancy.

In honor of Mother's Day, a new clinic is opening with a mission to help celebrate more first Birthdays in Wyandotte County.

MOM (or Maternal Options that Matter) opened on Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care Center at the corner of Southwest Boulevard and Rainbow in Kansas City, Kansas to provide prenatal care and deliveries for women who live in Wyandotte County.

Inside the clinic, women can get a free pregnancy test, then have access to immediate dental, mental and physical health care.

The goal of the new MOM clinic is to serve 500 women a year.

The clinic runs completely off donations and CEO Dr. Sharon Lee says it's fulfilling a critical need.

"I just had a woman call me this week. She's 38 weeks pregnant and hasn't seen a doctor. When she tried to get into other clinics they told her she would be 3 months out from an appointment. It's a real problem in Wyandotte county because we don't have enough providers," she explained.

The MOM clinic started helping women with these new services this week, but their official launch is Saturday - just in time for Mother's Day.

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