Turner Middle School student in custody after bringing gun to school

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Police in Kansas City, Kan., took a middle school student and the gun school staff found into custody.

Parents got a phone message Wednesday telling them school officials found a gun.

It was a student who told them another student had a gun. They searched that student and found an unloaded gun; there was no sign of bullets.

Leroy Smith doesn't have a child at Turner Middle School, but his grandson is a younger student in the same district.

"This is tragic that a child is allowed to have that kind of freedom in the home to find a gun and bring it to school and the parents are not aware of it," Smith said. "That's something a parent or a grandparent or whatever should be very aware of, you know, keeping kids protected."

School officials haven't elaborated on the student or the gun for privacy reasons, but said they are looking into consequences.

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