Lawrence group pushes ban on drones

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A group of Lawrence residents is pushing to ban the use of drones.

Supporters will present a resolution to the city commission Tuesday night outlining the changes they feel will prevent violations of privacy and civil liberties.

The resolution includes three changes –
A ban of drones until governing guidelines are set by the state
A ban on the city from using weaponized drones
A ban on the city from using surveillance drones unless people are in danger

The FAA is still trying to figure out how businesses and public safety organizations can use drones safely.

In the meantime, in the last year, dozens of residents in Lawrence have been working on a drone proposal that they say would protect their privacy.

They're asking the city not to use drones until the state develops drone guidelines. They also don't want police to use drones as surveillance to collect evidence that could be used in court.

The resolution will be presented during the public comment portion of Tuesday's meeting, which starts at 6:35 p.m.

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