Dog dies after being kicked, stepped on; man claims self defense

OLATHE, Kan. - A confrontation between pet dogs on a sidewalk in Olathe, Kan., ended Wednesday with a six pound Yorkie dead and a neighborhood divided.

Both parties seem to agree on how the incident began.

On Wednesday morning, a 6-year-old Yorkie named Precious got loose from her leash and ran, barking and yipping towards a larger, aging dog being walked down the sidewalk.

The stories of those present differ on all but the key points: Carl Henrichson, who was walking the larger dog, kicked Precious several times. He said Precious had a history of attacking both him and his dog.

"It was an extremely unfortunate incident but if Ms. Limbaugh had had her dog on a leash, her dog wouldn't have attacked my dog, wouldn't have attempted to bite my dog and frankly you and I wouldn't even be talking today," Henrichson said Monday.

According to both accounts, Henrichson then stepped on Precious and held her down, he says by accident.

Precious' owner Donna Limbaugh, says she's not so sure.

"He put his foot on her and then he raised the other foot so that he actually stood on her. It actually reminded me of if you were going to step on a bug," Limbaugh said.

"I picked her up. She was crying, screaming, making these terrible noises," Limbaugh said, "Having trouble breathing and he said to me: Donna, you need to have better control of your dog."

Vets cared for Precious overnight, but recommended euthanasia the next morning. The dog had suffered from lung and brain injuries, Limbaugh said.

Now, Olathe Police and Animal Control officers are investigating the incident.

Neighbors are taking sides, filing police reports of their own and gossiping to reporters about what they've seen and heard.

Limbaugh says she has also asked for a restraining order against Henrichson, whom she said she fears and says she is still crushed by the loss of a pet she called  her "baby."

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