Fishermen rescue 2-year-old boy from Lake Olathe

OLATHE, Kan. - Two agencies on Lake Olathe Friday morning were training on how to do a water rescue. So when a little boy and his father both ended up in the water, people nearby thought it was part of the training, but two fisherman realized what happened and sprang into action.

"I didn't have to work today," said Brian Johnson. "Figured what other way to spend a good day than to take my son out on the boat."

Brian Johnson was a stranger to the two fisherman – as was his son Brayen – until Friday.

Brayen fell out of the boat when he went to touch the water. Brain jumped in to save his son immediately, which posed a problem for the two fisherman trying to help.

"The thing that worried me the most was when he fell out of the boat, the boat started circling. It was on," said Brad Smith, one of the fisherman.

The other fisherman, Kevin Cattaneo, said the boat was out of control.

Olathe Fire and Overland Park Police were nearby preparing for their training, but their boats weren't in the water yet.

"We immediately thought, ‘Is this water safety practice?'" Cattaneo said.

But the two figured things out pretty quickly.

"You could just tell it wasn't practice," Smith said. "He was screaming with every bit of conviction."

Brian was yelling for someone to help him save his son.

"I said ‘Put the boat up, I don't care if there is a wake law here,'" Cattaneo said.

Cattaneo pulled Brayen out of the water by his life jacket.

"I just pushed myself under the water and grabbed him, and lifted him as high as I could," Brian said. "He just took him out of my arms."

At that moment, the four realized everyone was OK. Another fisherman in the water helped stop the out-of-control boat.

"It's the best $15 I've ever spent – on that life jacket – the best $15," Brian said with tears in his eyes.

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