Who is Kyle Flack? Suspect in Franklin County homicides has violent past

OTTAWA, Kan. - The man charged in a quadruple homicide in Franklin County has a violent criminal history. One Ottawa woman experienced that firsthand and believes if the allegations are true, they didn't have to happen.

Kyle Flack, 27, was charged Friday in the murders of  Andrew Stout, Steven White, Kaylie Bailey and Kaylie's 18-month old daughter, Lana Bailey.

Lana's body was found over the weekend after several days of extensive searching.

"I hope what Kyle is saying to the cops isn't right — that he didn't hurt that baby," Stephanie Ingram told the 41 Action News Investigators. "But if he did, he doesn't deserve to live in my eyes."

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Ingram is well-acquainted with Flack's violent past. In 2005, he pleaded no contest to second-degree attempted murder for shooting Ingram's brother, Steven Dale Free, multiple times. Free died in December of 2011.

"I just feel like Franklin County…somebody dropped the ball somewhere. This should not have happened," Ingram said.

She told 41 Action News she's angry about the amount of time that Flack actually served for the crime.

Flack was sentenced to 59 months, just shy of five years, in prison. He served less than four years before he was paroled.

"You knew he was violent. Why did you let him off, corrections? Why didn't mental health do something? Why isn't he in a mental institution? Why did he have a gun?" Ingram said.

She said can't help but think of her brother and the four lives lost. She said the events of the last week left her with a lingering question.

"What could we have done for this to have not happened to them? My heart goes out to the families … to the grandparents," Ingram said. "I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost one of my grandkids."

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