Blue Valley School District beefs up security with construction overhaul

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - In the few hours after the horrific mass shootings at a Newtown Elementary School last year, several schools and law enforcement got together in Overland Park to devise a new-and-improved safety plan.

Blue Valley schools soon after decided to speed up its $217 million safety overhaul.

It's why construction crews are working against the clock to reconstruct the entrances

"We want to stop people and question what the purpose is here," Blue Valley Director of Security Dan Carney said.

No one will have direct access to hallways and classrooms without seeing staff first.

Some windows will be reduced and others can be covered in shades to protect children hiding inside a locked classroom.

Teachers will be advised to practice hiding in safety locations in different places so no one will ever know exactly where everyone is.

"After Newtown, we learned it's not just the environments on the inside but inside the community," Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said.

On Monday, local law enforcement will release a master safety plan which includes getting schools to get to know every child inside the school a little better.

Leadership has sat down with staff and listed every student's name, asking who knew each student and making sure there's wasn't a single student that teachers and staff weren't familiar with.

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