Overland Park City Council delays ruling on its Open Carry gun ordinance

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Overland Park, Kan., residents who are at least 18 years old can openly carry a gun without completing any gun safety or weapons training classes. However, Overland Park City Councilman Jim Hix wants to change the rules to require safety training.

The Overland Park City Council Public Safety Committee consider the issue Wednesday night with plans of making a recommendation to the full council.  However, after hearing from the city attorney, police chief and citizens, the only recommendation made was to send the matter back to the city staff for further review.

The committee wants staff to request an opinion from the Kansas Attorney General before it can make a recommendation to the council.

The city council approved the Open Carry law last September. Those who openly carry their weapons must keep their gun holstered, and if the gun is equipped with a safety, the safety must be engaged. They must also maintain immediate control of the gun.

HIx is leading an initiative to revise the ordinance to require people who want to openly carry a gun to first get a Concealed Carry permit.

"I think what's appropriate for Concealed Carry is very appropriate for Open Carry, and I'd like them to be the same," Hix said.

Concealed Carry permit holders have to be 21 years old, a U.S. citizen and complete eight hours of gun safety training.

Kansas Libertarian Party spokesperson, Earl McIntosh, is an expert on the Second Amendment.

"Kansas law also does not mandate that Open Carry people have to go through training." McIntosh explained.

Shawnee and Olathe have also approved Open Carry ordinances.

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