Overland Park police encourage drivers to 'Move It' when they have issues on the road

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A minor fender bender at 151st Street and Hardy Street turned into seven-car pile-up Saturday when a vital law wasn't followed.

"Well it's nicked named the move-over law," Overland Park Police Officer Michelle Koos said. "If you car is drivable, and you're not injured, you need to move your car out of the roadway." 

Koos says people have a misunderstanding that they need to leave their cars where they are until police arrive to gather evidence.

"That's what the insurance company always tell them, 'don't move until the officers arrive,'" Koos said. "But in most of the crashes we see, you're not going to lose evidence."

Koos says when cars don't move, they create a risk of a secondary crash, which often times is much more severe than the initial crash.

"(Drivers) want to see that good car crash, you know. Someone else's misfortune is not the time to be distracted by something," Koos said. "If someone else's misfortune can move and not be that distraction, then that's the best choice."

Koos also said several police officers and motor assist workers from KDOT and MoDOT have been injured or even killed by secondary car crashes.

In Overland Park, failing to move your car could after a crash could result in a $121 dollar fine and moving violation.

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