Student suspended after refusing to take off purse

GARNETT, Kan. - A 13-year-old male student at Anderson County Junior-Senior High School said he was suspended from school for refusing to take off his purse.

Skyler Davis said he's been wearing his purse into classrooms since August, but it wasn't until Wednesday he was asked to take it off.

"All the girls can wear purses but I can't because I'm a male," Davis said.

Teacher's said that's absolutely false.

"If someone would happen to bring in a bag of any kind they would be asked to take it back to the locker and that's usually the end of the story," teacher Monica Sobba said.

While there is no written policy that says students can't bring purses or bags inside the classrooms, teachers say students are well aware of the unwritten rule.

"We've been doing this for over 10 years the students know it it's never been an issue," Sobba said.

Skyler said he's never heard of the rule and said he was a target because he's openly gay.

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