Censured Wyandotte County commissioner Tarence Maddox calls complaints 'fabricated'

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A Wyandotte County Commissioner who became the first person in the history of the Unified Government to be publicly censured for ethics violations pushed back Thursday night, calling some of the accusations against him lies.

A report from the Unified Government's Ethics commission released on Thursday morning cited Tarence Maddox for multiple violations of the UG Code of Ethics and imposed several minor penalties, including attending a new ethics training class.

Several of Maddox's transgressions have been well-documented, including a tirade at LEGOLAND caught on tape in August, and efforts to intimidate another driver during a police stop.

Among the complaints against Maddox, revealed for the first time, were two separate complaints filed in April of 2012. According to the censure document, Maddox attended the visitation for a "deceased student," whose mother separately identified her to 41 Action News as Jalisa Reed.

The censure document says Maddox told the Reed family he would host a party as a fundraiser for the family at the John F. Kennedy Community center in Kansas City, Kan., on March 24, 2012.

According to Reed's mother, Norrisha Reed, the fundraiser was held that night as planned and drew a crowd of more than 200 young people.

But both Reed and the censure report say that the victim's family never received any money from the event, prompting the complaint.

"It was never a concern about the money," Reed told 41 Action News. "You should have done the right thing, and you do right by people. You don't say you're going to do something and then don't make good on it."

Reed said after she complained to the Unified Government, Maddox left her a voicemail in which he shouted and used profanity.

At the commissioners meeting Thursday night, Maddox denied anything of the sort had taken place.

"It never happened," Maddox told 41 Action News. "You're listening to stories that were fabricated by people here at city hall who are mad because I speak up on behalf of people. It's a lie. It's not the truth."

Maddox, who declined to be interviewed but spoke briefly with 41 Action News when confronted in the lobby of City Hall, said he was "not going anywhere," and did not apologize for any of the ethics violations attributed to him in the censure report.

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