Authorities ready to strictly enforce fireworks laws

Blue Springs adds fireworks restrictions

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Blue Springs is one of several cities around the metro which plan to strictly enforce firework laws this year.

If you're caught launching illegal fireworks, or using them after a certain time, you could face a $500 fine.

A lot of communities are recommending you attend public shows instead of blasting off your own fireworks to keep your family safe.

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Some cities are now banning new fireworks like Chinese aerial lanterns and bottle rockets.

Blue Springs decided to ban the aerial luminaries because they received so many complaints from concerned residents last Independence Day.

The lanterns are lit, and then released into the sky. They fly for several minutes before slowly descending to the ground.

The trouble is that the person has little control of where they'll fly once they let go.

That worries Blue Springs police officers.

Sergeant Joe Fanara said it's especially important that they also enforce the hours fireworks are ignited, since this Fourth of July falls on a weekday.

"We have a lot of people who want to celebrate and a lot who want to go to bed because they have to work the next morning," he explained.

Blue Springs has also started a new "Text a Tip" line, so you can anonymously report illegal firework use.

Text "BSPD" plus your message, including location, to 274637.

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