Blue Springs daycare shut down by state

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - A daycare in Blue Springs shut down Tuesday by the state of Missouri after an investigation into allegations after a child was injured.

The owner of Mary's Little Lambs Child Care & Learning Center and an assistant are accused of disciplining a 17-month-old child inappropriately. This all started last Thursday after the mother of a 17-month-old boy contacted authorities when she picked up her kid and she noticed injuries to his face and head.

According to The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, the owner of Mary's Little Lambs Child Care Mary Douglas and her assistant Sara Park were taking care of a 17-month-old boy on June 13 and his mother picked him up early because of issues he was having that day.

According to the documents we received, Douglas told the mother the boy tried to "bite us" and was pinching the other children and he was placed in time-out.

Read Douglas' letter of revocation |

In interviews with Douglas and Park, they told state officials the boy had a hard time taking a nap later that day and Park held the boy down first with a rope, which a 7-year-old child told officials was a bungee cord. Park said she was using it as a compression vest, thinking the extra pressure would relax the boy. After that didn't, work she says in documents she used her leg.

She described the child's behavior as "terror."

The mother arrived early to pick up her son and that's when she noticed marks and bruises. Her physician recommended she take the boy to Children's Mercy.

Read Douglas' letter of suspension |

Mitch Weber spoke exclusively with a mother who pulled her child from the daycare before this incident. Jennifer Donley wasn't surprised the license was suspended.

"I would say as a neighborhood, a couple of us have had our run-ins before with issues and such. I think as a person we see eye to eye, but as for a caregiver I'm happy with my current one and I'm glad I found her," said Donley. 

Donley lives in the neighborhood and used to take her kids to the daycare but only for a short time. She won't say exactly why that changed.

A spokeswoman for the Blue Springs Childcare Association told 41 Action News over the phone she stands behind the owner saying she is shocked because Douglas is "loving and nurturing."

Douglas has 31 days from Wednesday to appeal the decision.

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