Loved ones of Hellen Cook gather at candlelight vigil

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - With candles in their hand and hope in their hearts, faithful friends gathered to pray for missing Alzheimer's patient Hellen Cook on Friday night in Blue Springs, Mo.

"I see a lot of faces that I've been seeing all week, and that means that there's a lot of people that have been helping us to find our mother. And I want to thank you," Terri Cook, one of Hellen's daughters, said.

The vigil marks the sixth day since she was last seen, as well as the sixth day that people have been searching for her.

"The more people that see this flier see her face, the more likely we'll find her," Marlo Clifton, a volunteer searcher, said.

Clifton has known Cook for 15 years and was one of a dozen people who spent more than an hour in the burning heat going door to door passing out and putting up fliers.

"She's like my family. So when a member of your family goes missing, you don't sit at home. It doesn't matter that it's hot. It doesn't matter what time of day it is. You get out there and you look for them," Clifton said.

But with each passing day, staying positive becomes more challenging. Still, those who know her remain hopeful.

"I'm really worried but I know that Hellen is very strong and I know that she'll make it and she'll make it through this, but I also know that God is watching over her so I know we just got to hit that right lead to get to her," Clifton said.

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