Blue Springs police officers credited with saving three from house fire

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Three Blue Springs police officers jumped into action last Thursday at 3 a.m., when they were first on the scene at a house fire at 601 W. Walnut in Blue Springs, Mo.

Police officers Steven Emberton, Sara Murphy and Lisa Sidenstick were first responders. They rescued three people.

"I saw fire and a wall of black smoke coming from the house," Emberton said.

He rescued a woman who went back into the burning house trying to rescue family pets.

"I didn't think about it or stop to think about it. I just did what I knew I had to do," Emberton added.

Sidenstick and Murphy were at a basement window rescuing two more people.

"I used my feet to break in the basement window and yell to the people trapped in the basement to come to the window," Murphy said.

"We are not firefighters, but we are police officers trained to save lives," Sidenstick said. "So we just acted on instinct and did what needed to be done."

All three police officers are being praised for what they did, and some are calling them heroes. But the officers said they were just doing their job.

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