Catholic schools and churches in St. Joseph shocked by charges filed against Rev. Ratigan

St. JOSEPH, Missorui - There are several catholic schools and churches in St. Joseph where Rev. Shawn F. Ratigan worked and the news of his arrest was shocking for people there.

School officials at Bishop LeBlond High School would not say much but they did confirm he worked closely with students as a chaplain  for several years at the school.

Outside of St. Mary's Catholic Church Thursday night, some parishioners were angry after hearing that a priest who worked at there from 2005 to 2009 is now accused of having child pornography.

"I go here, it's a great church. I am Catholic and have been all my life. But being a father myself it appalls me knowing I have two girls and four boys," said St. Mary's parishioner Carl Williams. "It upsets me, it makes me mad, but all I can do it stand up and be a good citizen and put an end to it."

Bud Lovelady who lives close to the church was shocked.

"It shouldn't happen especially a priest who took an oath to protect and teach. It's a disgrace to this community and the people," said Lovelady.

And Tiffany Nichols' son goes to school next to the church.

"It's freaky. My son goes there now, it's scary," said Nichols.

While more details are released about what led to Ratigan's arrest, residents in St. Joe say they are watching closely to make sure their children are protected.

Court papers say one of the churches in St. Joe also gave police an old computer of Ratigan's where they found more images of child porn.

Police say several of the girls identified in the images found on Ratigan's computer are talking with detectives.

Meanwhile, they are reviewing other digital media for more evidence.

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