Clay County voters confused over flyer regarding proposed constitution

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - A flyer showed up in Clay County mailboxes over the weekend that confusing some residents before they head to the polls Tuesday.

It says a yes vote to a new county constitution will force area schools to close, something school leaders are scrambling tonight to clear up.

Jennifer Johnson's mailbox has been flooded with information about the proposed Clay County constitution.

"There's a lot of incorrect information out there which makes you doubt all of the information that you do get," she said.

Over the weekend, a group called The Voters Have Spoken sent out a flyer stating schools in Clay County will close on November 6 if the proposed constitution is passed.

On Monday, districts across the county and those officials who wrote the constitution said that statement is completely false.

"Schools will be closed. Oh my goodness. Total outrageous lie," Democratic Co-Chair of the Clay County constitution Carol Suter said.

Suter said the in the proposed constitution certain county positions will be abolished by May 1, but that won't impact funding to keep schools open.

But County Commissioner Luann Ridgeway said the language in the constitution is muddy, leaving room for misinterpretation.

"This is 20 pages of question marks and the things that we do know about it concern us greatly," Ridgeway said.

And as for concerned voters?

"Why do we need a new constitution what was wrong with the old one. I'm not really involved in the day-to-day government of our county. I don't really know what's wrong with it to know why we need a new one," Johnson said.

41 Action News called the treasurer of the group responsible for the flyers who said he doesn't know if the claim about schools closing is true. He also said someone else was in charge of  putting that information on the flyer.

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