Volunteers and businesses spruce up shelter after shoddy job

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A place that is used to helping others recently found itself needing assistance of its own. Now, volunteers are coming out of the woodwork to get a shelter for women and children looking brand new.

The strokes of a paint brush have never sounded so good to Dennis Meier. The associate executive director at Synergy Services was disappointed not too long ago by a team of volunteers who planned to spruce up the Safe Haven shelter, but abandoned the job before it was done.

"They tackled a project that required more time and probably funding to complete what they started," Meier said.

The house was left in worst shape than the volunteers found it, and Meier said there was no way to pay for repairs.

Luckily, Midland Marble and Granite heard about the problem and stepped in to give Safe Haven residents more of a renovation than they ever expected. Crews installed new tile, cupboards and even a granite counter top.

"(It's like) Christmas all over again when somebody comes up and essentially says, 'We'll take care of this,' and is willing to donate not only the labor but the material as well," Meier said.

Safe Haven takes in between 30 and 40 women and children every night, but Meier said space is at a premium. In the next year, he said Synergy Services hopes to start a capital campaign to expand the home.

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