Deer hunters rescue bucks tangled by their antlers

HUGHESVILLE, Missouri - A group of deer hunters helped free two bucks that were locked together by their antlers.

On Jan. 20, the two bucks locked together with their antlers were spotted on Alan Meyer’s farm, which is about 12 miles north of Sedalia in the Hughesville area. The bucks apparently became entangled during a fight.

The next day, Meyer, 54, gathered family and friends to track the two bucks in the snow. He didn’t want the deer to suffer.

According to Bill Graham with the Missouri Department of Conservation, Meyer and his deer hunting party found the 8 and 10-point bucks, but the deer ran away.

Meyer said the deer crashed into a few fences and fell down a few times, but his group was able to grab the bucks’ rear legs and saw off a part of one of the buck’s antlers. It was enough to free the bucks.

Meyer said there was a time or two when his group thought they might have to kill the deer to end their suffering.

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