Man charged with making threat that forced the lockdown of schools in Grandview

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - A Grandview man is charged with making a threat that forced the lockdown Friday morning of schools in the Grandview School District.

Jackson County Prosecutors charged Mark Esterley, 55, with making a terrorist threat with reckless disregard of causing evacuation or closure of a building.

Esterley called a school and said he was tired of all the kids and was going to go schools and shoot them, according to a court document.

School district officials said classes would continue as normal, but no one would be allowed inside.

Officers arrested Esterley Friday morning and he told detectives he made the phone call and knew he shouldn't have done so, according to the court document.

He told a Grandview detective he saw a news story on several teens robbing an 85-year-old veteran at his Grandview home.

Esterley said what the kids did to the veteran was wrong and they needed to be caught.

He also admitted to using a racial slur in the threatening phone call and said he doesn't normally use that word, according to the court document.

During the interview with police, Esterley said he didn't remember threatening to shoot anyone and had no intention of doing so.

A detective found a rifle in Esterley's bedroom he said he kept for protection.

Late Friday, juvenile authorities charged a 14-year-old boy with robbery and other charges in the attack on the veteran.

More suspects are likely to be charged.

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