80-year-old woman digs out after winter storm to lend a helping hand

INDPENDENCE, Mo. - Shoveling snow was a common sight and sound around one Independence block the day after the season's biggest winter storm.

"It's got to be done and I'm the only one that's got to do it," resident Sue Mock said.

Mock is 80 years old, but from the looks of the path she shoveled, she's stronger than ever.

"Well, that's exercise," she said.

But what's so impressive isn't how she's doing it, it's why.

"So the people walking on the sidewalk don't have to walk in the snow and I think of the mailman too," Mock said.

The neighborhoods become a family.

"My grandma and grandpa live down the street," Charley Hamilton said, who lives in the same neighborhood as Mock.

It doesn't matter if you're related.

"We help each other and that's the way it should be," Hamilton said.

Hamilton has discovered a more efficient way of clearing the snow by using his backhoe. He not only clears out his own home, but his neighbors' too.

"If more people would do that," he said, "I think we'd be better off and with this it helps."

Shoveling almost a foot of snow can be a pain.

"I got pretty cold pretty quick," Mock said.

But for Eric Guzman, it's a treasure.

"I jump for joy, it makes me money," he said.

Guzman makes up to $100 a day, although the neighborly kindness around his home has begun to wear off.

"If they don't want me to do it for money," he said, "I still do it anyway."

41 Action News is asking you to lend a hand as we dig out from under the latest snow storm by shoveling for your neighbors who need it. Send us your photos and videos your digs to myreport@kshb.com. You can also tweet them to @41ActionNews with the hashtag #41BigDig

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