Autopsy showed marijuana and amphetamine in system of fetus found at water treatment plant

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The Jackson County Medical Examiner released new details on Wednesday about a fetus found at a sewage pump station in Independence.

The employee discovered the fetus in March. A sewage treatment employee found the male fetus at the pump station off of Dickinson Road.
The report said the worker found the fetus in debris on a grate at the station. The employee immediately called police.

The medical examiner said in Wednesday's autopsy report, the fetus had both amphetamines and marijuana in its system. He was between 20 and 21 weeks gestation.

The fetus appeared normal and healthy in every way, the report said, for the stage of growth.

His heart weighed just a gram and his eyes were closed.

Independence police said there is no way to know who his mother is unless someone comes forward.

If the mother knew she was pregnant at the time, she would be able to hide the secret if she made a healthy recovery.

However, doctors from the University of Kansas Hospital warned by not seeking medical treatment, she put her life at risk because she could have bled to death.

The fetus showed no signs of trauma or disease so the cause if death is still unknown.

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