Police bust Independence meth lab

INDEPENDENCE, Missouri - Police busted an Independence methamphetamine lab and arrested two suspects after the suspects let them in.

Two men were arrested on the 1700 Block of South Willow Avenue in Independence after police detected the distinctive smell of meth.

According to the Independence Examiner, police were going door-to-door in the northwest Independence neighborhood asking about an unrelated security issue. Officers received information that two people living in a home on Willow Avenue had outstanding warrants. The officers went to the home and the residents let them inside.

After getting inside the home, the officers smelled meth. Investigators found the lab in the men’s kitchen. The men also had marijuana in their refrigerator.

Crews from High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) with the Kansas City Police Department were called to the scene to collect and clean up the lab and its products, which are often toxic.

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