Residents call neighbor an 'extreme hoarder,' say his erratic behavior is a nuisance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some Kansas City residents say one man's hoarding is hurting their entire block.

Ask Patricia Sapp what it's like living in the 4400 block of East 10th Street, and it's difficult for her to describe.

"Different," Sapp said. "It's not good, not a good living situation at all."

Sapp's biggest problem is next door. A home deemed uninhabitable by the city was surrounded by a pile of garbage, until now. Making matters worse for Sapp, is the man who owns the property. Don Cronin lives right across the street.

The city has been working since October to get Cronin to clean up. He failed to meet the April deadline, so Wednesday morning, a city-hired crew took care of it.

Kansas City is sending Cronin the bill, which will likely be thousands of dollars. If he fails to pay, the city will issue a tax lien.

Cronin has another deadline he's working to meet. The city has given him until Monday, May 21 to clean the mess at the home he lives in across the street. If he fails to do so, the city will again clean it and send him the bill.

Cronin refused an on-camera interview with 41 Action News, but did answer a few questions yelled across his front yard.

He told reporter Zach Tecklenburg he is working to clean his yard, but does not believe the Monday deadline will give him enough time.

Cronin has at least one supporter, neighbor Kristy Sousley.

"I like him. He's a sweetheart. I told him that if he needed any help, I'd be here and so I'm here," she said.

Sousley says they are making progress and believes they will have everything finished by Monday.

"We need to see compliance," said Mike Schumacher, assistant to the director of the Kansas City Neighborhood & Community Services Department.

Schumacher says the department is glad to get the neighborhood cleaned up, but says Cronin may need a different kind of help.

"We've also reached out to different agencies, state agencies to try and get him the assistance he needs, as well as 211," Schumacher said.

Patricia Sapp hopes for the best for Cronin.

"(He's) not really a bad guy. Just really, really, really different," Sapp said.

She says Cronin is mostly harmless, but adds that he can sometimes bring danger to the neighborhood.

Sapp says he often blares music from his truck, driving erratically on streets and sidewalks.

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