Lee's Summit estimates how much it costs to fix up roads

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Lee's Summit City Council members now know how much it will take to completely rid their city of any infrastructure problems-- and it's going to take a lot more money than you may think.

No matter where you're headed, you drive over a street or cross a sidewalk to get there and there's probably a crack that could use some fixing.

For mike Wheeler, it's the intersection near Highway 291 by his auto shop.

"Probably the biggest problem here in Lee's Summit is the traffic control," Wheeler said.

Engineers studied roads, curbs and sidewalks to figure out how much it will cost to get it all up-to-date.

The cost is nearly a billion dollars.

"A lot of the infrastructure has been built way back and as a result has been built to a different standard than the current standard," Chuck Owsley, Director of the Lee's Summit Public Works Department said.

They agree it's a lot.

"Yeah it is," Owsley said.

However, the list is only so council members can narrow down for the future.

"Because of that, that's been identified may not be a need right now it depends on who you're talking to," Owsley said.

Wheeler thinks it's a bit much.

"They could spend that billion somewhere else rather than street repair," he said.

Although, he admits there could be more intersections like the one near his auto shop.

"Well, then again, I don't know every street in Lee's summit," he said.

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