Real palm trees growing in snowy Lee's Summit yard

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Ray Van Trump and one of his daughters hopped on their snow mobiles Wednesday since Kansas City doesn't get too many deep snows where they can really ride like they want to.

Standing tall above all those inches of snow, towers of burlap and wire stand out in front of the Van Trump family's Lee's Summit house.

"Oh it's a big talker," Van Trump said. "People ask questions, they come up the drive way to see if they're real."

Under that burlap and heated wire, Van Trump has kept several real palm trees planted and thriving in his front yard. Yes, real palm trees are living outside in a yard in Missouri.

"I'm an ocean buff," Van Trump said.

He loves the beach. Five years ago, he started researching and found that a variety of palm tree from Texas could actually withstand very cold temperatures, some as low as 15 degrees. Thrilled, he bought them and planted them.

He only lost one of them that first year. Van Trump unwraps the trees about mid-March whenever the temperatures stabilize.

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