Two women hospitalized after being struck by road debris while cycling in Lee's Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - A bicycle crash in Lee's Summit Wednesday night sent two women to the hospital after a piece of wood flew out of a passing car and landed right in front of the riders.

Lisa, who asked 41 Action News not to use her last name, and Donna Swift were heading west on Hook Road near Pryor Road when a truck pulling a trailer full of wood drove past heading east.

"Stuff started flying out the back part of the trailer," Swift said. "It landed right in front of Lisa. She had no time to react."

Lisa says she can't remember much.

"The last thing I remember was seeing it," Lisa said. "The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital."

Lisa said she was unconscious for more than a hour.

"She went airborne," Swift said. "Launched herself off the bike. And landed on the ground head first."

Lisa suffered severe road rash on her face, two minor fractures on her cheek and nose and a deep cut above her eyebrow requiring 12 stitches.

Swift was right behind Lisa and fell while trying to avoid her friend and the piece of wood, breaking her collar bone. She also suffered several bruises and scratches on her head, shoulder, hand and knees.

Swift's husband Bert was the last rider in the group and saw the whole thing. He feels the lumber wasn't properly secured.

"I believe he did have a strap in there," Bert said. "It just wasn't quite enough."

The driver kept going but eventually came back to the crash after being chased down by a passing driver.

Bert hopes drivers can be a little more cautious when passing cyclists.

"It's not a bicycle. It's a person," Bert said. "It's somebody's father, sister, brother, cousin, nephew. They're people. They're not things."

Both women were wearing helmets and feel that without them, their injuries would be much worse.

They said several people stopped to help them and are very grateful for their assistance.

The Kansas City Police Department is still investigating the crash. Police would not say if the driver would be cited for not properly securing his load.

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