‘My kids were everything to me,' says father who lost sons in house fire

ORRICK, Mo. - The father of two boys killed in a house fire in Orrick, Mo., Tuesday struggled to hold back tears as he explained how he awoke to hear his children screaming and seeing his home engulfed in flames.

"I woke up to flame, smoke and kids screaming and I couldn't get to my kids," Randy Garrison said Tuesday night, standing feet from the wreckage of his home. "The worst thing you can ever hear in your life is your kids screaming like that."

Garrison said he went to sleep around 6 a.m. when he returned home from work. He awoke at noon to an inferno, and tried to fight through the flames to save his sons.

"I come running out of my bedroom after trying to bust through the bedroom wall and I couldn't," he said.  "I ran outside the back door and ran around to the front and started ripping the sheeting off the side of the house and reach them that way and I couldn't."

Roger, three, and Ashton, just a one-year-old, died in the fire.

In a bitter irony, Roger was named for an uncle he never knew who was also killed in a house fire back in 1989.

"Now I've got two Roger Wayne Garrisons passed on," Randy Garrison said, sobbing.

Police and fire officials aren't yet sure what caused the fire. Orrick Fire Chief Mike Arnold said on Tuesday night it was too soon to rule out any possibilities.

The sheriff's department did not return calls for comment on Tuesday night.

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