Neighborhood waits for autopsy results of baby found encased in tub of cement

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. - Neighbors in Pleasant Hill, Mo., remain on edge after hearing the details of the investigation involving the body of a baby found in a tub of concrete in a nearby home.

The medical examiner performed an autopsy on the baby's body but the results have yet to be released.

Four children were living in the home at the time but are now with their grandmother.

Taylor Harper lives across the street and said it was shocking and disturbing to people in the neighborhood. 

"I don't see how anyone could do that to a child. It's just unimaginable. A kid who is just born being put in cement is one of the cruelest things I could ever think of," he said.

Harper said the family kept to themselves.

"I've never seen them outside. I've seen a bunch of people get dropped off and go inside and they run out to their car but I've never really seen anything other than that," Harper said.

Some said they rarely even saw the children.

"All I saw were the two little boys and they were school age. I had no idea there was four," neighbor Tonya McClintock said.

Police showed up to the home in the 300 block of Cline Street Monday afternoon after a report of a stolen car and drug investigation. Details of the drugs and what happened to the baby are still a mystery.

"It's just very upsetting that now we don't know exactly what's going on with this autopsy, they won't let anybody know. So none of the neighbors know, we don't know what to think. We just know a dead baby was found in concrete," neighbor Brent said.

Once police finish their investigation, the Cass County Prosecutor will decide whether any charges will be filed.

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