Attorney representing Lisa Irwin family says parents are 'suspects' but remain fully cooperative

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On the one year birthday of Baby Lisa, police searched a new area, a family attorney acknowledged the parents are considered suspects, and a balloon release was held at the Irwin home.

Police searched the woods behind Stroud's restaurant near I-35 and Vivion Rd over the noon hour.

A police spokesman said nothing was found.

A few hours ago, across town, the family's attorney denied police suggestions that the parents aren't cooperating.

He accused police of using harsh interrogation techniques, and said he's advising Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley not to speak to police alone.

"This bit about no cooperation, it's just fantasy," said attorney John Picerno. "They've cooperated from day one. I'm talking about Debbie and Jeremy. They've been interviewed - slash - interrogated in excess of 30 hours on five different occasions."

During the news conference, he said police told both parents they are suspects in the infant's disappearance.

He emphasized that police especially pointed to Deborah Bradley as a suspect.

In the news conference Friday, Picerno called those claims of non-cooperation "fantasy.

Picerno said Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have been questioned in excess of 30 hours on five different occasions and their cooperation has been 100 percent "from day one."

Picerno did confirm that the couple has not been questioned separately since Oct. 8, but says they have remained open to answering any questions police have.

He will handle any questions investigators have for the family, he said.

"What we're not going to do is let our clients be subjected to interrogation techniques," Picerno said, adding he has "no doubt" vigorous interrogation techniques were used in talks with Lisa's parents.

Picerno also said a previously-scheduled interview of Lisa's half-brothers that was postponed last month was put off by the request of the FBI, not by the family or any attorneys representing the Irwin family.

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