Classmates and staff mourn Northland student killed in motel shooting

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - More than a dozen investigators are trying to figure out who murdered three young people Saturday morning.

The triple homicide happened at a party at the Red Roof Inn in Clay County. Investigators have no suspects, but they have interviewed plenty of people.

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"We've had counts as many as 11 to 15 people," said Det. Marcus Regan.

Investigators said 18-year-old Dejan Joksimovic, 18-year-old Armin Hamidovic, and 22-year-old Delfino Elizondo were attending a drinking party when the shots were fired. All three were shot in the head, but detectives don't believe it was an execution style shooting.

Regan said people are talking to officers, but so far nobody has admitted to seeing the murders. Investigators said most of the partygoers were between ages 18-22. Detective Regan said many of them ran away before the police arrived.

"People have this thing about not snitching, but people have to learn we have to get back to that. Its not safe out here, because they are our streets and we shouldn't be afraid," said Regan.

Students at North Kansas City High School are remembering one of the victim's. Dejan Joksimovic was in his senior year. He moved to America from Serbia two years ago.

"He was a good guy he never got into trouble he always did the right things," said classmate Alex Bencun.

Grief counselors are at the school all week. Educators said the counseling office has been packed.

"It's really hard to see your best friend that didn't even do anything to die, it's really hard," said classmate Anthony Ramos.

Students are raising money to help Dejan's family with burial costs. Funeral arrangements haven't been made.

You can leave anonymous tips for investigators by calling the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.


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