Extreme temps cause water line break

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The extreme temperatures took a toll on city services, especially for families in one Northland neighborhood that spent Friday without water.

Homeowner Katrine Stanley, a mother with two children, relied on the generosity of her neighbors to get water after a main broke in the 2900 block of N. Russell Road.

"I heard the sound--like a pop--then you heard the water gushing almost like a waterfall," Stanley said. "I looked out and the street was completely flooded and it was in our drainage ditch in our yard."

She said it's not the first time it's happened.

The city's water services department said they're not surprised with this Friday's main break. For the past few months they've been mapping the vast water system.

"We are seeing that the water main breaks that are coming through the last few days are in the areas that we've deemed through our data analysis to be some critical areas," KCMO Water Services Spokeswoman Jennifer Kincaid said.

As of now, the city is on pace to set a record for water main breaks.

"We're climbing pretty steadily so it's pretty early in the year to judge this year versus another year, but looking at what we've had this January it would be comparable to one of our top years," Kincaid said.

The water services department said the temperatures caused Friday's eight-inch cast iron pipe to burst.  But the bigger problem can be the sudden temperature change.

Water services said they are  proactively trying to get ahead of the breaks by replacing aging pipes.

Water crews replaced the pipe early Friday afternoon.

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