Handcuffed Northland teen: Thank you for saving me

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A week after his rescue from horrific conditions made headlines, a Northland teen says life is looking up.

It was neighbor Crystal Anderson who called authorities and led police to a home where they found a 17-year-old handcuffed to a steel pole in the basement.

Tuesday, prosecutors charged his father and step-mother, David and Pamela Martin with one count each of felonious restraint and abuse of a child.

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David told police he had run out of options, no longer able to afford his son's medication for Bipolar disorder.

But just feet from that basement, Anderson scrolls through a list of messages from the rescued teen.

"Thank you for save me from starving," the first read, simple but profound words from the victim who went on to talk about his excitement to be back at school with his friends.

He even spoke of dreams to play football.

"It makes me feel good, it really does," Anderson said. After all that has happened in the last week, she sighed.

"I wish I would have called sooner but I'm glad I finally did," she said.

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