How much can private investigator Bill Stanton do in Lisa Irwin case?

What can a private investigator do in a case like Lisa Irwin's and can the P.I. assisting the missing girl's family even work in Missouri?

Bill Stanton, a former police officer-turned high profile private investigator, announced Tuesday night he is helping Lisa's family in the search to find her.

A private investigator is mainly an objective extra pair of eyes and ears. Stanton is expected to be at Lisa's north Kansas City home Wednesday with family members going through the residence.

But having a private investigator is not like having a personal member of the police department. Police say Stanton can't cross crime scene tape and really has no jurisdiction beyond an everyday citizen.

We talked to another P.I. who works in Kansas City and doesn't understand Stanton's public tactics.

Ron Rugen says he is legally bound to file a complaint with the state because he says Stanton has no license to be a P.I. in Missouri.

There is a long list of exemptions to Missouri state law that dicates private investigators must be licensed, but since we do not know the name of the benefactor paying for Stanton's services, we don't know if one of those exemptions applies.

Bill Stanton told NBC Action News' Chris Hernandez that he is not here as a private investigator, but rather serving as a consultant or a new set of eyes.

When asked, "who is paying for your services?", Stanton said the bill is being footed by a wealthy anonymous benefactor from out-of-state.

He then added, in reponse to those who are questioning his credentials in the State of Missouri that he wants, "to keep the focus on finding the baby."

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