Missouri Family Services investigating Northland school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Heather Underwood said staff at West Englewood Elementary school locked her 6-year-old son in a dark room on Tuesday.

"I was told that he was running around and the staff couldn't control him, they had meetings to attend to so they called me to come get him," Underwood said.

Underwood said she arrived to find her son in a dark room alone and sleeping. She said a teacher had to unlock the door to get to him.

"My son is deathly afraid of the dark and for him to be in a dark room is terrible," Underwood said.

The mom doesn't want to send her son back to Englewood. She contacted police who turned over the investigation to Missouri Family Services.

"I haven't slept for two days, because every time I shut my eyes i see my son on that floor," said Underwood.

School leaders said an investigator will be at the building on Friday. They could only provide few details about the incident during the investigation.

A school spokesperson said the room is a "safe room" used for special needs students. The spokesperson said the room is never locked and lights are kept on.

District Statement:

It is the expectation in NKC Schools that we will treat every student with dignity, respect and compassion. Our Board policies are very clear on the use of behavioral inventions for students. However, if a policy is not followed, appropriate measures are taken to correct the situation and ensure it is followed in the future. (Board Policy JGGA is applicable to this concern.)

We in North Kansas City Schools take all parents concerns seriously. In the case of this parent's issue, we are working in conjunction with the Division of Family Services (DFS) to ensure the matter is fully and impartially investigated. DFS requires 30 days to complete their investigation, but DFS will have an investigator at the school on Friday to promptly begin the process.

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