Snow-packed sidewalks remain in front of businesses

GLADSTONE, Mo. - One week after the massive snow storm, residents are still dealing with the aftermath. A viewer reached out to us about asking why some Northland businesses have yet to clear their sidewalks.

Sheri Mauston has lived in the Northland for the last 15 years. She takes the bus at least three days a week. Since the snow storm, the path along the sidewalk next to the street to get to her bus has been packed with snow and ice.

"Since this snow has hit, I've had to either walk on the street or risk breaking an ankle stomping through a foot of snow," Mauston said.

Mauston told us the bus stop where she gets catches the bus along North Oak hasn't been cleared once since last week.

We checked bus stops along North Oak in Gladstone and didn't find one where the sidewalk was clear. We did find Emily Ripley and Romeo Huff-Garza trying to walk along the stretch of road.

"You either walk in the street or you have to walk in the snow," Ripley said. "And dodge the cars cause they don't really, they aren't paying any attention to you."

One business did talk to us off camera. They said the owner lives in Colorado and does have a snow removal company come in and plow the parking lot and clear the sidewalk in front of the business.

We checked with the city of Gladstone, but we haven't been able to connect with the spokesperson.

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