Worker finds pig eyes in cooler outside Kansas City gas station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police said the eyes left in a cooler on top of a gas station trash can were not human.

An employee at the Conoco at NW 112th and N. Ambassador called police early Thursday when he found what was described as a suspicious package on top of a trash container outside the station.

Inside the package was a medical cooler and a set of eyeballs. While they turned out to be pig eyes, police said they had to investigate their origin because some animals have eyeballs that appear similar to humans.

Tony Bavuso got one of the first calls from police on Thursday. He helps run the only eye bank in Kansas City just down Ambassador Road.

The eye bank deals mostly with corneas for transplants, helping almost seven people per day regain their sight.

"This was a very non-description box," said Bavuso. "It was clearly not professionally packaged."

He knew instantly it didn't match the strict medical packaging of Heartland Lions Eye Banks -- the eyes were found in a Ziploc bag in a simple plastic container.

But Bavuso is curious as to how the eyes ended up in the trash in the first place.

"Very unusual," he laughed. "Very unusual."

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