Rally in Maryville to bring ‘Justice for Daisy'

MARYVILLE, Mo. - More than a hundred people are expected to gather in Maryville, Mo., Tuesday night for a rally for justice.

Organizers of the "Justice for Daisy" rally said they want to show Daisy Coleman their support after the teen said she was sexually assaulted in 2012.

Daisy and her mother said the Nodaway County prosecutor did not do the case justice when he dropped the charges last year.

Daisy claims that back in 2012, a 17-year-old classmate and member of the football team gave her alcohol and raped her before leaving her outside in below 30 degree temperatures.

The Nodaway County prosecutor later dropped the charges, saying the Colemans stopped cooperating with the investigation—which the Colemans said is not true.

The alleged attacker, who is now in college, has not spoken out publicly, but his family said he is being slandered in the press.

Daisy told CNN he is facing the same scrutiny she has for years.

"I feel like it is unfair that he had to drop out of college, but yet again, it's the exact same thing that happened to me, just more drastic. I was basically forced to move away from Maryville because of all the bullying and all of the threats and I'm sorry that it had to be this way and that their parents did have to go through this. But - yet again - it's almost the same exact thing that happened with me", Daisy said.

"What we really want and what we're hoping for is just to be heard and to have this looked at fairly and with some enthusiasm. We were disappointed that they didn't really do the job, they didn't really collect the evidence and they didn't seem to care from the beginning," Melinda, Daisy's mother, added.

The group organizing Tuesday night's rally has garnered hundreds of comments online and expects a big turnout in Maryville.

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